Friday, June 12, 2009

if and only if

i should hv listen to my friends frm the very start.
sorry and my stupidness.
i dont know if that word even exist.heh.
mybe you guys are right.
it aint easy fr somebody to change.
and when they does,it really shocking.
humans are complex right?
trust me,i KNOW well.
rmmbr when people alwys said that forgiving is easy?
nah.they're lying.
i tried bt i cant.
its not as easy as ABC.
it takes a lot of courage to do so.
and sorry,i dont hv them.
they had already gone the same time i heard the news.
gone with the wind i guess.heh.
thnx to those who gave me the info.
really really appreciate it.
no kidding.
lucky me.i know it earlier.
if not,ill make myself look like a STUPID person.
in front of everyone.
and you guys know much i hate that.
there's alwys a shield around me.
and i should hv NEVER let anybody trespass it.
penceroboh akan didakwa.
im not that me when i say so.
people said that it takes alot of courage to actuallt commit SUICIDE.
no.they are WRONG.
it takes a lot of COURAGE to LIVE.
how i wish im dead.
so that i can rest in peace.
if and only if we never met.
life would be much more easier fr me to live.
bt hey,who can blame the fate?
im just a STUPID girl who did a BIG misteke in her life.
and thats not gonna hppen.AGAiN. still waiting fr my rainbow.

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