Friday, June 26, 2009

sekolah hari hari

what i go to school for? busted version more than jonas.
bt still love them :)
my english paper.
well,i checked my mark at the teacher
and SURPRISINGLY, i got 89.
the highest tue.jgn main main.
i dont expect it though.
80 will be fine fr me.
the thing is,teacher was SURPRISED too.
because i got 72/90 fr writing and she thought that was wayy too highh.
so,she RECHECK my paper and guess wht?
she gave 65/90.
rse mcm dunia dh berakhir bgiku.
life is unfair.
hnye krne aku yg mmg pndiam ni dpt highest mcm kjutn bsr la plak.
cbe klu org lain.
haish.mama kte redha je lh.
still A1 kn. conversation with ayh smlm.

aku:ayh,adk dh dpt result.
aku:*butir butir perbualn dirhsiakn*
ayh:huh?paper ape yg truk sgt tue?
aku:addmth la yah.hehe.
ayh:oh.patut lh.

got the message?
ayh mmg dh expect bout my addmth result.
haha.its okay.meaning,he KNOWS her daughter WELL :)
despite the fact tht he IS busy.
mama pnye response lgi bst.
she LAUGH and LAUGH and LAUGH.
at least,i wasnt scolded by them:)
except fr my bio lh:(
yup.thats my parents :)
wait till you guys know my sisterS :DD

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