Monday, February 15, 2010

all of a sudden :)

i was busy facebook-ing whn suddnly a crazy idea came into my mind yg dh putus fius ni agknye.

mind : jom bukak fs.
aku : hah?

because of the sudden urge,aku pn log in lh fs yg about ages lh jugak aku tk bukak.
fs dh canggih wey!hm.boleh lh.hahah.then,i viewed my profile and walawei!there's a new cmmnt.well,not so new considering the date was november wht i cn truly say is,i miss the prson who sent the cmmnt.and she is my yg kt dlm gmbr lah.sory,im not a stalker lh bt i hv to curik tht pic :)

ps:cucu RINDU nenek :(

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nazurahsaysit! said...

call lah die:))