Saturday, February 13, 2010

i woke up quite early ths morning *mama buat muke trkjut*
and everyone else is still sleeping.
*selalunye aku trmsuk dlm evryone else*
so,i on kakak's laptop and sddnly i came across ths pic in her file.
gmbr tyme pegy cameron lst year.
at tht tyme,sumpa cameron mcm kl-gombak.
skrg,wayyy too far.
so, im stuck in the middle of the city now.
wthout any flowers.hahah.
*aku tk suke bunga sgt pn*
terasa diri begitu ayu dlm gmbr nh.oh, aku dh dgar mama mengetuk ngetuk kuali.
baik ma, adk dtg.