Saturday, May 1, 2010

now i know

yes,i admit.i was soooo angry and bengang semalam.
*hormon tk stabil* HAHA
then,i took some time wth myself.remembering all the things that happened recently.
and i must say,how ungrateful i have been fr the passed few days.
i let the emotion controlled me and neglecting the peeps tht  i love.
izzanajiha is truly am sorry fr being such a jerk.
mama;sory fr not being a good daughter.
ayah;thank you sooo much fr everythng.
crazysibs;buatlah ape pn,aku tau korang syg aku :)
azminnur;promise aku tak mintak air kotak kau dah *will try my best*
fairuz;my lesbo partner :D
leyha;ingat janji kita :))
qie;better you say it bfre its too late.
shida;told you.i like sotong more than Ketam *aku rse kau tau sape.haha*
alyaa;nota PAI kau dlm buku aku lgi douh.
fateenaqeela;i did fell asleep by the phne.but,really its OKAY.
kauygsukawrnabiru;yes,aku bengang dgan kau.
ama;my immature partner :) when can i see yr mp?

too many too mention.see,now i know there are so many people that love me *agak perasan*

all of you.
seriously,i do :)

okay role in creating a peace world;
3) jangan gaduh dengan KAU. *i'll try*

ps:wirawati Perak@captain Hibiscus;do take care okay?will not miss you :(

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MiN! said...

slalu ke ko minx pon?