Monday, January 31, 2011

when she's home

apparently, CNY holidays has started and, everyone is going home despite the fact tht they are not Chinesse.
thats the good thing about Malaysia, we are 1Malaysia *i sound like N like?
anywayyy, my oldest sister is coming home.
ek, correction, she's already here, on the bed, reading Can You Keep a Secret? while im blogging quietly about her *she'll nvr read this, im safe :)
yesss, she demanded mama to cook her favourite food which unfortunately my least favourite.
well, fortunate fr her. i tell you, she did tht on purpose! grrrrr,
auwww, i didnt held any grudge against mee kari, i just dont like it. bt i can still eat it *im not allergic to anything, hooray me!
so, all of us were in the kitchen, *she has to do twice my work, :) and i was cutting sawi, when it happened.
i CUT my middle finger! quite shocked, cause i;ve nvr been so careless wth knife. excpt when i was a kid la.
blood kept on flowing and i knew it, my plateletes are not doing their job.
pffft, my sisters just laugh. typical her.
Nur Izza Najaha, my oldest sister

later in the room, we had a chat and suddenly,

Kakak : Lain kali aku na mintak laksa la pulak. *gelakgelakgelak
Aku     : Oh, tape. Aku mkn laksa. *gelakgelakgelak
Kakak : Tak nak lh. Mee bandung *evil laugh
Aku     : ??????? *siot pnye kakak

got the point? haish, go back to UTM Skudai la kak.
when will this war end?

An older sister helps one remain half child, half woman.

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