Monday, February 21, 2011

Another day passed by, 200211

Today, I woke up early than usual even though my eyes were damn heavy.
And, I helped mama in the kitchen preparing breakfast.
Usually, we don't because we, excluded my parents always wake up around 10.
But, we have my cousin merangkap abang susu yang baru balik dari Mesir, so we have to.

Nasi Goreng.

"Ma, mane ayah? Ayah keluar ke? Pergi mane?
"Ayah pegy masjid. Ade orang meninggal, dua orang." (tentera la)

Everything's ready and I went to my room, to wake my sister up (King of all sleep)
We ate at the table, babbling and chattering.
Mama went into the kitchen and Kak Wa was like,

"Ayah pegy mane Ma?"

Pfft, Mama aku ni la. Nasib kakak aku yg sorang tu ta jatuh kerusi.

Lunchtime, Mama wanted to cook Nasi Beriyani ala Arab (yg ade aym kt dlm tu)
And, Kak Wa wanted to see how to do it but since she's not done her Zuhur yet, she said,

"Jiha, kau record je la untuk aku."

This is what happened when technology went over boundaries -_-''

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