Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let me see how you Burlesque

Its only fr 18 okay?

As usual, I went to my USUAL hangout place with USUAL partners,
But today, we have a guest star from Kedah, QISTINA HANUM.
We planned to see each other at 11 but I've got a text from Izzati around 10.50, asking me to pick Qistina at LRT Sri Rampai since she's still at the market.

Sadly, Mama went swimming, so she brought the car with her, and Ayah said,

"Ayah hantar adik naik motor je la."

Pfft, Qistina has already arrived at the station and it would be so pity of her to wait for Izzati balik dari beli ikan.
And, I said to Ayah,

"Ayah hantar adik sampai LRT Sri Rampai la. Kawan adik dah sampai, nanti adik jalan kaki je la ngan dye pegy Wangsawalk."
"LRT Sri Rampai kat mane?"

He's funny right? :D

So, Qiss and I walked from the station to Wangsawalk yang jarak nya lebih kurang dari hostel pergi sekolah.
Around 12, everybody was there, and we wanted to see a movie.
Izzati and me want to watch SINI ADA HANTU but Kelly and Qiss want to see BURLESQUE.
And, we end up asking the counter-guy-who-can't-even-say-Burlesque-properly which one we should see.
Since Qiss came all the way from Kedah, we watch Burlesque la. *kesian
Mind you, it's been stated as 18 not for fun okay!
I was laughing my heart out all the time, macam tenga tgk Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah.
No, its not funny, I just felt like I have to laugh.
And, there's one part where Christina sang this song and *i couldn't tell you, its inappropriate
My response was,


At the exact time when the music stop. -_-''
So, the whole cinema heard me said the B word.

part pisang tu mang kelaka na mati

Oh, and dekat A&W, aku ngan Izzati pergi order.
"Double Fortune Burger satu."
"Beef or chicken? "
"Wey, kau nak ayam ke daging?!"

Yes, aku menoleh dan menjerit ke arah Kelly seolah olah kami bkn di khalayak ramai, tpi di Kafetaria Citarasa Emak kt sekolah.
Of course, orang pandang. But, it happened right? :D


rainbow said...

haha . asal movie tu 18 eh ? extream sgt ke ? haha

izza said...

Terlebih extremeeee

MiN! said...

aku xtau knape tapi aku asik gelak je bce post ni.haha.

izza said...

min, kau bru bace je. klau kau ikut sekali, smpai balik ruma kau gelak :D