Friday, February 18, 2011

Is it that hard to be an adult?

Everyone will go through this phase and to me, its kinda exciting, yet terrifying.
You have to think of EVERYTHING.
Rental, foods, transport, work, etc.
Okay, tade kaitan pun dengan ape yg aku na tulis sebenarnya :)

We were in the car, on the way to send Kak Wa back to UiTM because she has an extracurricular activities which is visiting the Muzium Tentera Darat. ( kinda stupid, since we have so many in our house area :D )
And, I overheard the conversation between Mama and Ayah.
About the Mesir crisis, which involved the TUDM to take Malaysia's students from Mesir to Jeddah using Charlie.
Well, the government also send a ship from Navy to take them from Mesir to Jeddah.
The funny thing is, NOT A SINGLE SOUL want to be in the SHIP!
Everyone wants to be in Charlie.
Because it will take 5 days for the ship to arrive at Jeddah.
Maybe they sounded like they were being picky but if I were them, I wold choose Charlie too :)
Cuak kot na stay lame lame kt Mesir.
In the middle of conversation, someone called Ayah. (his staff la)
Rupa rupaanya, ade org pecah masuk kem, panjat pagar.
Dia bagi alasan nak jumpe perempuan (awek) , and motor dye kt luar.
Ayah ckp, hntar je kt polis.
Obviously, na jmpe awek pn takyah la pnjat pagar.
Kan ke ade pagar, masuk je la elok elok.
Apa na jadi ngn budak budak zaman skrg?
Langsung tade common sense.
Ayah takesa kalau org na ckp dye kejam, sbb hee's doing the right thing.

Kesian ayah. Sejak jdi CO, busy semedang. Hari hari, ade je org call, rumah bocor la, org meninggal la.

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