Saturday, October 15, 2011

Women and Romance.


My new hobby : Google-ing

I haven't updated my blog for a long time and my brain is kinda rusty from all the studies I had for the past few months. I successfully finished my Malaysia University English Test (MUET) only for Speaking few days ago and I'm not gonna write about it cause I screwed up (like I always did in any test). So, I googled for this ;

What Women Think is Romantic

Guess you already figured that out. Yes, I just want my blog to appear on goggle whenever you type in 'women' or 'romantic' or even 'is'. I can always hope, right? (Y) Anyways, here they are. I can't possibly write all of them so I just choose a few.

This is what most people answered (be it men or women)
  • Watch romantic/favourite/love movies together. The all-time love-romantic movie would be Titanic. There's also P.S I Love You, A Walk to Remember and not my favourite one, Twilight.
And obviously, every woman loves this one.
  • Gift! Be it a new dress, a pair of high heels, anything that she likes. If you're rich enough, jewellery is the best (Y) Seriously dude, jewellery is every girl's bestfriend. Even the most humble, low-profile woman can't say no to a God-knows-how-many-carat diamond ring. And, flowers. Send a rose straight to her doorstep, and she'll be truly, madly, deeply in love with you.
Oh, my head is spinning from all this reading.
  • Vacation. There is so many things you can do for your women when you go to a vacation together. Choose a romantic place like Paris (of course). Maldives would be awesome too. You can watch the sunset/rise together.
Honestly, there are so many things that women think are romantic. Don't limit yourself. Watch, and learn. See what your girls like and dislike. Any kind of thoughtful thing is way desireable. Every chick thinks differentlty and like different things.

I like it when a guy give and dedicate a song to me. If he sings, that's a plus. I'm just saying anyway.

May Peace be Upon You!

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