Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A friend's request.


As you can see, I’ve just make some changes to my blog and due to some reason, the followers cannot be display. I am so sorry. I know that the number is not that big compared to others but I really do appreciate those who care to read my humble writing. Thank you so much guys :’)

Moving on. Recently, my idea to write is zero. Actually, it happens all the time but this time around, it’s really a pain in my a** because I want to write badly but I do not know what to write about. So I’ve been posting in my Facebook and Twitter for anyone to suggest any topic and all I’ve got is some stupid-not-really-helpful comments (meaning, it works!). Then, a friend of mine commented, “Write about me” and I was like, “it’s not a bad idea. I shall write about you thenJ

So, here it is. A personal post for my friend.

Muhammad Anwar bin Ahmad. He’s a really reliable person indeed. At first, there is nothing extraordinary about him but as we get to know each other, he is an interesting guy. There’s something about him that makes people wanna laugh and no matter how hard you tried, you just can’t get mad at him. (at least, for me and some of my closest friends). When you look at him, you start to feel sorry and you’ll be like “I have to be nice to him”. No kidding man. 
He holds a really important post in my class- Class Rep (class representative). You see, since we’re studying Foundation in Science, the number of male students in our class is like, one-third of the class. There were 8 of them, and he is the one you can actually count on to go and photocopy all notes and past-year questions. I mean, come on. You’re in university now, and who really wants to be tie with such a small post that rarely get compliments by others? Especially for guys (even I don’t want it). So, Anwar, I’m voting for you to stay as the Class Rep for the next semester. Hooyeahhh!
One fact about him that only my classmates know is, HE IS MY BROTHER. No, no. We’re not brother and sister with the same dad but different mum or same mum but different dad or same mum and same dad. We just did J The hierarchy and the roots of the family would be too long to write. Plus, I’m glad to have such a nice and kind-hearted little brother like him. I’m blessed. I know. Alhamdulillah. Plus, I get to bully him sometimes. Sorry. Anyways, thank you for everything.

Note that he’s my brother. So, no such things as mushy-mushy love relationship. Okay?

My classmate :) He is the second one from left.

May Peace be Upon You!

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