Saturday, December 10, 2011



It’s been such a long time since I have last update my blog. Guess I’m just too busy with all the assignments and stuff. This week has been an extremely busy week for me. I slept at 4 and woke up at 6. He’s been sick for almost a week now and for some reason, I was coughing non-stop too and it was an unbearable pain. Too much of chemistry. Haha. I’ve been such a jerk towards him but he still care about me. I’m blessed, and I know. Thank You, Allah. 

It’s been a really tiresome week. And I was crying too frequent that I feel helpless. I don’t know since when did I become such a loser. I used to not care about what others think and only focus on how to take care of my friends’ heart.  But now, I feel like I have become such a demanding person. I want them to notice that I was angry by their actions. Sigh. I never ask for more. I just want them to take care of me the way I took care of them.

Aina Insyirah, you know that you always have me by your side kan? Anything, feel free to call. Even if all you want to do is just cursed. Haha.

Kelly, be strong baby girl. I’m awesome. You’re awesome. We both are J There’s always a silver lining behind every clouds. It’s just a matter of time.

Shamsinur, thank you for being there. Glad you trust me the way I trust you. 

Farzana, we used to have the sparks. And it’s not too late to ignite it backs. Effort is what I need.

Ainina, I have nothing to say. I know you have no intention. I’m hurts but I’m okay. I always am when it comes to you. But I don’t know for how long.

Lastly, my Kim. The world will have to force you to smile. I’m here to help you notice the rainbow. Get well soon <3

Dear Allah, bless me and my loved ones. Forgive my sins, forgive my parents’ sins. Love them, the way they have loved me.

May Peace be Upon You!

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