Sunday, November 27, 2011



I’m running out of idea. And these are what I did not dare to say in real life.

Aina Insyirah, I’m over the moon. Maybe it’s overrated but it’s true. I’ve been dying to tell you the whole story but I just can’t find the right time.

Khalida Hussin, thanks a lot for the advice. It’s good to know that you still care about me. But then, that’s what we are. We have each other back though we rarely spoke. I miss you.

Nurul Shamsinur, it must be hard to keep the secrets from others right? Sorry for bothering you lately but thank you for the attention. Haha.

Dear God, I'm grateful for the people that you give me. I'm truly blessed.

Kim, thank you :)

May Peace be Upon You.

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