Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Enlighten me, will you?


Everything is not going on smoothly for me today.

10) I’ve already got a gorilla in my stomach even though my interview is tomorrow.

9) So, I’m having a bad stomachache right now. Stupid stomach.

8) I woke up early in the morning, (didn’t went to sleep after Subuh, like I always did) because I want to bid farewell to my beloved Ayah who’s going outstation only to find out that he’s going in the afternoon.

7) I haven’t finished filling up my form, so I’m getting freaking nervous.

6) There are still many empty spaces in my documents that need to be send tomorrow, along with the form.

5) Meaning, my documents and form are not ready to be sending yet.

4) Which might also mean that, I’m not prepared for my interview, physically and mentally.

3) My father didn’t print my stupid autobiography, education and career planning and I need to send it too, alongside the documents and the form.

2) Apparently, I’m in great danger. Especially because

1) My mother misplaced my actual SPM slip result . 

Mama called the Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia to ask for another slip and they said, they need at least a month to prepare that.
She even called the school to asked if the certificates is already there, but they said we have to wait for another freaking two years.
Great, we don't even have a month, and they asked us to wait for another two years?
Your motherfather
Is this a sign or what?
May Peace be Upon You.

Even Perfect by Pink can't make me feel better.


insyi.troublemaker. said...

WHATTT ? you have got to be kidding . slip kau hilanggg ????? ke aku slh bace ?

izza said...

Tak, kau tak salah baca. Aku yg salah tulis --'' When reality slaps you on the face, it sucks. Hilang laaa. Mak aku dh pegy report polis. Tp, mcm dh jmpa baliik.