Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It happens. All the time.


Sorry for the long silent. Ye, aku malas nak update blog.
Because I don't have anything to write.
My bestfriend is no longer friend with me, so I can't write about him.
Sadis bukan? Ehh, aku tak cakap pun kawan baik aku lelaki.
I don't really want to write about my MARA's interview because, a lot of people have done that and since my interview was quite late, the story would be very, very lame.
Yes, its spaghetti bridge. And, the interviwer were quite fun and nice.
And I have a very wonderful and awesome teammates.
Especially, Tuty Raudhah :)
I miss her. I like her. Tak, aku bukan lesbian la sengal.
Kan aku dh tercerita.

Anyway, I found this amusing/funny/amazing thing on my Facebook homepage.

I know, it happens all the time right?
Be it, boy or girl, we all have a crush for someone and the sad part about having a crush is, they never realize our existence and our feeling.
Kalau dapat kawan pun dah kira bersyukur habis laaa.
Last last, heartbroken.
So, don't push yourself.
Eventually, our Mr./Ms. Right will come because everything has been fated since we were in our mum's womb.

Who said being single is not fun? I really have fun with myself :)

May Peace Be Upon You.

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