Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life is NEVER a bed of roses

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum :)

Another busy day for me. I woke up at 12.30 and there’s a message from Kak Farah asking me to check in at 1.00. Haha. Being the awesome me, I managed to reach K at 1.15. Done with bathing and ironing my clothes. Hehe.  I cant’t write the full name of my workplace in case someone google it and stumble upon my blog. I’m dead.

Today, I wanna story about Julia. She’s the principal at K Setiawangsa and basically, my boss. You see, my salary for the first month is RM5 per hour and for the next month, its RM500 per month. But, my working hour is not fixed. K open at 3.00 pm until 10.00 pm and I have to check-in before 3.00 and check-out after 10.00. And, after few weeks working only I know that she’s been tricking me! (Julia I mean) Kak Farah said that is very, very low and not worth my work. Tsk. Imma a sad girl. Too naïve.

Last Wednesday, Julia yelled at me. In front of so many students. This is the worst one. Usually she did get angry at me (and everyone else) but this is unacceptable because its obviously not my fault. We are lack pf workforce and things get a little bit off hand. So, she decided to let go at me, the youngest one there, and the one who won’t say anything in return. Pffttt. I was about to perform my Maghrib prayer at that time, and its getting late. Almost Isyak pun. There were so many students. Seriously, and not enough teacher (like I said before). So Julia asked Abang Ramdan where’s Izza. She wanted me to take care of the lower section (I’m currently taking care of the upper section) and Abang Ramdan said “Izza is praying.” And Julia was so angry, she actually yelled, “Don’t pray now!” Sigh. My pride and my religion were hurt. F you Julia. sorry for that). And to make matter worst, she said, “Don’t pray la during peak hours.” Dafuq did I just hear?
K is currently not enough workers. There are only 5 of us during the day (exclude Julia, she always come late). And the students are a lot. You must be thinking I’m hyperbolic but it’s the truth since K is very famous. Abang Ramdan told us that there’s a student looking for a job and he asked Abang if there’s any at K. Abang Ramdan said yes and he told that students to call Julia and ask her. So he/she did. And Julia said, “ Sekarang dah taknak orang dah. Dah cukup orang.” Ha. Ha. Lepas tu nak marah marah aku bila tak cukup orang nak mengajar. 

This is what I called, life experience. 

Kim, goodnight Yobo <3

May Peace be Upon You :)

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